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  1. letters in an italic typeface.
    There is no need to put the whole paragraph in italics.
  2. In the context of "usually plural but sometimes singular in construction": Plural of italic exaggerated intonation or some similar oral speech device by which one or more words is heavily and usually affectedly emphasized or otherwise given sharp prominence
    • Margaret Long:
      was yapping, her silly voice fraught with italics.
    • W.J.Locke:
      a woman who has an irritating way of speaking in italics

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In typography, italic type /tælk/ or /atælk/ refers to cursive typefaces based on a stylized form of calligraphic handwriting. The influence from calligraphy can be seen in their usual slight slanting to the right. Different glyph shapes from roman type are also usually used—another influence from calligraphy.
It is distinct therefore from oblique type, in which the font is merely distorted into a slanted orientation. However uppercase letters are often oblique type or swash capitals rather than true italics.


An example of normal (roman) and true italics text:
The same example, as oblique text:
Some examples of possible differences between roman and italic type, besides the slant, are below. The transformations from roman to italics are illustrated.
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